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01/23/2006: Added "Little Known Facts" about the Coutu name

02/11/2006: Changed Guestbook software

03/07/2006: Added photo album 12 to the "Photo Albums"

05/02/2006: Added link to "RI Gas Prices" on the "Site Map"

03/13/2007: Changed website url address to: ""

07/07/2007: Added Colin Coutu's former wife's name: "Karen Laliberti"

07/07/2007: Added Felix Coutu III's former wife's name: "Santana "Tina" Fava"

07/07/2007: Spelling correction: Tom "Brierley" to Tom "Brierly"

09/12/2007: Added "Tribute To 911" web page

09/21/2007: Added: "Assorted Old Photo's" (Early mid 1900's) of the Coutu's, family and friends

09/27/2007: Moved the "Descendants of the Coutu - Cottu de la Valtrie" genealogy website to ""

10/18/2007: Added PDF (Adobe Acrobat) book titled: "The Descendants of the Coutu - Cottu de la Valtrie" family

11/30/2007: Added new "Father and Son Cafe" momento photo to the Old-Times Photo's web page

12/14/2007: Added: "English To French Translation" web page

09/18/2009: Changed website url address from: "" to ""

09/28/2009: Added: "Images" to index table

02/22/2010: Added: "Online Calendars" for sporting events, anniversaries and birthdays to "Home" page

09/13/2010: Added: Online Calendar" for holiday to "Home" page

09/13/2010: Added: "Online Excel Calendar" for sporting events, birthdays and holidays to "Home" page

04/15/2011: Removed web site background image of the "Ponderosa". Click on the "Ponderosa" for former background image 

04/15/2011: Re-designed the "Coutu Family Pages" web site

04/20/2011: Changed free web hosting service providers from "" to ""

05/15/2011: Changed free web hosting service providers from "" to ""

June-2011: Re-designed the "Coutu Family Pages" with new background template courtesy of "Iron Spider".

06/20/2011: Changed web hosting providers from to

07/18/2011: Added To "Old-Time Photo's":  Photo's Of Apponaug circa 1927 and construction of the Greenwood Bridge circa 1927. Courtesy: Charles "Arthur" Moore III "Apponaug Color & Hobby Shop, Inc. Warwick, RI."

01/30/2012: Re-designed "Coutu Family Pages" Guestbook

04/26/2017: Re-designed "Coutu Family Pages" Guestbook

04/27/2017: Changed web hosting providers to

04/29/2017: Added new audio player, "Amazing Audio Player".

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