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Coutu Family Pages
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Southern Rhode Island Volunteers

-Southern Rhode Island Volunteers-

For over thirty years Southern Rhode Island Volunteers (SRIV) has connected volunteers to opportunities in your community, (Charlestown, East Greenwich, Exeter, Hopkinton, Jamestown, Narragansett, North Kingstown, Richmond, South Kingstown, West Greenwich and Westerly) making significant impacts in the lives of Rhode Islanders.

There are many needs in our little state, from nutrition support for the frail and elderly (Meals on Wheels), medical transport, friendly visits, disaster preparedness, and helping out in hospitals, schools, or museums. The possibilities for you to enrich your life by helping others are endless!

Together, we can touch many lives in Southern Rhode Island. Get involved.  Volunteer. Donate. Care.

My name is Richard A. Coutu and I make my home in Rhode Island. I have decided to create the "Welcome To The Coutu Family Pages" as a gathering place for all members of the Coutu family and as well as for friends to enjoy.

Regarding the new design and background, this template is courtesy of Melissa Adamson - "Free Personal Website Template 5" - Background photo © 2008.

The design is called "Indian Seascape". This photo was taken by Melissa recently while visiting India on a trip.

The purpose of this site for those who visit, may become a little more familiar with the history and background of the Coutu family.

NOTE: Please click on "Site Map" for most links for the "Coutu Family Pages". Also, all photo's found in "Old-Time Photo's" and "Photo Albums" are free for downloading to your computer. 

For a complete description of all nineteen "Photo Albums" please visit the album index of "Priceless Memories Of Years Gone By" under "Site Map".

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to have your photo's, stories or antidote's published on my website. All I ask they be "family-friendly" and of course, in good taste. Please include a brief description with subject/theme and when/where along with date when the photo was approximately taken.

Regarding the "Photo Gallery" ("Photo Albums"), at this time there are currently 19 different themed albums with approximately over 400 photo's. For easier navigation, click here to the index of albums by name. Please be sure to use the vertical scroll bar on the right hand side so as to be sure you can access all ineteen albums. 

I'm sure you'll find most of the photo's interesting especially the ones of the earlier "Coutu" and "Benoit" families along with photo's of the former "Father and Son" Cafe which includes a facsimile of ca. 1960's food menu. Please note the food and liquor menu prices.

At the present time I'm working on preparing the Coutu family genealogy tree titled: "Descendants of the Coutu - Cottu de la Valtrie" family. Click on "News" link regarding progress. The Coutu family genealogy tree will appear on a separate website called: The "Descendants of Coutu - Cottu de la Valtrie Family" on "".which is a repository for family genealogy sites.

You will be able to link to this site from the link ("Coutu Tribal Pages") or from "" and entering "thecoutufamily" with quote marks into the site ID box along the left side of the page. For the "User Security Code", email me for access to private data.

Regarding future plans for the "Coutu Family Pages" website, I will be adding additional photo's of the earlier generations for both the "Coutu" and "Benoit" families. I hope you get to enjoy the "Coutu Family Pages" and visit often.

This site is maintained by Richard A. Coutu. Should you have any questions or comments please contact the author.


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