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Since this is my first undertaking at creating a home website, I thought it would be interesting to discuss some of the steps involved.

For my web hosting provider, I am using a company called which is a paid web hosting service with unlimited disk storage capacity. I have added a link to the bottom of each and every page linking back to the web hosting provider as a matter of courtesy only but is not required. Update (September 18, 2009): I have registered a new domain name, with a company called which is available for a nominal fee and requires renewal approximately every two years.

Simply enter either or into the URL address box of your favorite browser. Either entry will point you to the "Coutu Family Pages".

I currently estimate at this time I am using approximately 200MB of disk space and have approximately 3,385 files and 139 folders. The main advantage of using a paid web hosting service like not only is it reliable but also the unlimited disk space which is included along with an unlimitied number of email accounts.

As for web publishing software used, I opted for Nvu which is not only free but much more easier to learn than other leading web publishing software.

For the photo albums, all photos were compressed and watermarked prior to uploading to the server to achieve minimal browser loading times.

For the "Father & Son" restaurant menu, I designed a facsimile of the menu using Microsoft Publisher.

I chose to use "Web Gallery Wizard" which is a very powerful photo album program. This program will  allow you to create as many albums as you wish each with an unlimited number of photos. You can also apply individual captions or titles to each photo if desired, or a common caption or title to all photos within that particular album.

Originally, For The "Descendants of the "Coutu - Cottu de la Valtrie" Genealogy Family tree, I chose to use a program called FamilyTreeMaker. Currently the "Descendants of the "Coutu - Cottu de la Valtrie" Genealogy Family is posted on

For the invisible counter, or number of visitors to my site, I use Sitemeter which allows me not only to track the number of visitors but also who they are and where they are located throughout the world.

For my deluxe online calendar I chose to use a product called Calendar Pad by SeaApple. A great feature about this calendar is when you view the calendar, it automatically defaults to the current month. The current range of my calendar is set for years 2011 and 2012.

To summarize, creating the "Welcome To The Coutu Family Pages" was an enjoyable but a somewhat frustrating experience since it was both a "learn-as-you-go" and a "fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants" project.

This site is maintained by Richard A. Coutu. Should you have any questions or comments please contact the author.

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